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How to create a new page within wiki?

Here you should find out information how to create a wiki page in few steps.

Check if the page is not there already

If you want to create a new wiki article which is not already here (check for similar ones also)...

(please add information how to effectively search to Help:Search)

Choose a correct title

  • Be sure you understand the difference between proper names and common names, and please use the capital letters in titles accordingly
  • Choose a meaningful name
  • Full-length expressions rather than abbreviations or acronyms
  • Rather nouns than verbs
  • Avoid special characters
  • Check for misspellings

(please add information about titles conventions)

Create a new page

If you are sure that the chosen title is correct and there is no already existing page, then place within the search box the title of page you want to create and press Go. In our case we used Exmaple as the title of the page we would like to start. By analogy you should see something like:

Click on one of the red links to start the new page you want to create.

Click on one of the red links, which you should see like on attached image, to start the new page you want to create. Now, in the textarea enter the content you would like to publish. Use the Preview button before you press save button. If you are satisfied with the result, enter a summary (comment) and press Save button.

Format the content

Please format your text with wiki markup Help:Formating

Finalize page

  • Within your text, create links to other wiki pages
  • Add categories to your page; choose from existing categories where possible, and/or add a new category where necessary.

(how to add links and categories)

Post-processing steps

  • Create redirects where necessary (for Synonyms, common acronyms or their full length expression)
  • Run a search for pages containing the title of your page (or synonyms of it) somewhere in their text. Edit them, adding links to your page where it is relevant.
  • If you have a little time, you may do the same for existing pages that fit with newly created categories.

(how to add redirects, links and categories)

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