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This extension allows you to include single tasks, a list of tasks or a todo list from our PMS.


Description Example Result
Single Issue {{#pms: 23 }} {{#pms: 23 }}
List only 'Feature' tracker {{#pms-issues: rbose-servers | Feature }} Feature }}
List all {{#pms-issues: irc }} {{#pms-issues: irc }}
List only version {{#pms-issues: anarchnet | VERSION | versionid }} VERSION | 12 }}
Todos {{#pms-todos: anarchnet }} {{#pms-todos: anarchnet }}
Projects {{#pms-projects:}} For the result please check Projects page.

Related solutions

Description Example Result
Issue template - allows you easily link to an issue inside pms but does not use this extension; displays the issue's ID within the link without the issue's name. {{Issue|23}} #23


The sourcecode for this extension: launchpad