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Projects coordinated with Redmine PMS

These projects are organised using the Redmine Project Management System

(this table is auto-updated) {{#pms-projects:}}

Projects run without PMS

Project name Short description
Website The website is always being worked on by the RBOSE contributors.
Graphviz Brainstorming An open source way of creatively brainstorming on topics regarding RBOSE.
Alternative Information Selection Tools A collaborative study of new ways to think about information moderation and control.
Design A collaborative study where the good artistic folks in RBOSE put in some interesting alternative designs for the website RBOSE.
Redmine A collaborative study where a new PMS (Project Management Software) is being worked on to organize tasks.
Import Wave Import collected info from RBOSE waves to our wiki, to prevent loss of data, as google may shut down this service soon

Not Active

Project name Short description
Academy of Community Development Currently our focus has been moved to other projects. We hope to develop this project further in future, with more interest and participants.


  • Web Classroom
  • Wanted Projects
  • Visualization Project - Open source tool set and art asset library for architectural rendering.
  • Membership Survey


  • Teleporter
  • Open Source TV
  • Personal Jetpack