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Terms of use

At current stage, the development environment is at an early experimental stage. The wiki/pms/irc/mumble is a part of that experiment and should be considered a project in itself. As such, the information and text material on it is directed by the common values shared by a small group of people who are currently passionately working on it on a voluntary basis, and have been from the start. This doesn't in any way mean that we are against collaboration, simply that the kind of information we are interested in putting in to our system is guided by those very values that originally brought us together. While these values are described quite clearly through the Why, How, What texts, this can currently be clarified by the following statement:

We reserve to us the privilege of modifying and/or deleting material if we see it fit to do so.

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We do accept:

Decentralized, distributed, free and open source solution based material directed towards improving the life quality of the individual as well as the whole of humanity, including works in culture, hardware, research and software.

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We do not accept:

  • asking for money or publishing donation buttons
  • automated or semi-automated link-dropping or adverts
  • calls for authoritarian, hierarchical and/or centralized social control and social structures alike
  • content being in conflict with transparency, decentralized and distributed, free and open source solutions
  • institutionalized approach (you are welcome to edit community content only as an individual)
  • presenting political agendas
  • racial, national, religious, or any other forms of discrimination and hate

The Internet isn't value-neutral, and neither is the RBOSE. We want our platform to be useful for communities that share our commitment to openness and fairness. We embrace technical concepts such as decentralized control, free and open source solutions, edge-user empowerment and sharing of resources, because those concepts resonate with the core values of the RBOSE community. These concepts have more to do with the technology and culture that we choose to develop, rather than the technology that's possible.

Do keep in mind that this document serves as a temporary solution. We are still working on a very early stage of RBOSE, in many sections of the environment, still chiseling out the concepts. That restricts our influence in development, as well as yours.

Is that too much to handle? Our material is shared under licenses allowing you to reuse it (see RBOSE:Copyrights for details), and as long as you share our work within the rights these licenses grants you, we are more than happy to be of service.