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"We look for students willing to teach and teachers willing to learn."

Open Source Education

RBOSE lives through the workings of its associates. Therefore, it is in our best interests to encourage anyone to learn everything. Below is a list of classes, that are offered to teach interested volunteers. Classes can be supported by RBOSE software, like:

  • Mumble for Voice-Chat
  • IRC for Text-Chat
  • VNC for Desktop-Sharing and -Showing

If you are interested to participate, either in someone else's class, or by offering your own, go ahead and enter your details below.

Current Classes

Topic Offerers Time Interested participants

Offered Classes

Topic Offerers Interested participants Link / more information
Learning IRC Basics DNS, Kebap, Sixth_Ape, Viper,
Python Class Lukas http://pms.rbose.org/boards/6/topics/19

Requested Classes

Topic Requesters


<tasks> [x] Setup a web classroom supporting GNU screen and VNC. Additionally Mumble is available for voice communication. (Software developers) [x] Test trimmed vncserver on rbose and check resources (Software developers) [ ] Build a scheduler system to book the classroom and allow teachers to control vnc. Everyone should be able to log and watch. (Software developers) </tasks>

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